Our Mission

Broker Solutions Inc DBA New American Funding is a family-owned business, dedicated to helping other families and individuals improve their quality of living. We're a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae direct lender, seller, and servicer, and even though we have thousands of employees, we're a family.

At Broker Solutions Inc DBA New American Funding, our mission is to provide homeowners and future homeowners a variety of home financing options at competitive rates; fulfilling their needs in a manner that enhances their standard of living in realizing the American Dream.

Authenticity: We're the Real Deal

We have the trust of our clients and partners because we earned it. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and deliver on those standards in every case. We believe in transparency, in every transaction and in all of our operations.

Education: We're Excited to Teach You

We've learned a lot about home loans along the way, and we believe sharing that knowledge is our obligation. Whether you're looking to refinance, buy a home, or begin a career in the mortgage industry, we provide tools and knowledge to help you make smart decisions about home loans.

Community: We Give Back

We put the people first. We want to see success in our local communities, and we give back by supporting causes like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mercy House, Toys for Tots, and WHW.

Ingenuity: We're a Progressive Company, at Your Service

Broker Solutions Inc DBA New American Funding is a tech-driven company with modern practices. We believe in relentless innovation, so we can bring our clients and partners efficiency, savings, and positive results.

Diversity: We Actively Support the Inclusion of Women and Minorities

We understand the unique needs of Latino communities. We're fully staffed with Spanish-speaking employees at every touch point during the progression of a loan and our Latino Focus Committee aims to enrich Hispanic communities through home ownership.

We Actively Support the Upward Mobility of Women

We believe in empowering women – in the workforce, finance, and the housing industry. We actively support female inclusion and our workforce is currently 57% female.

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